A little about me...

Hiking, Writing, and my Family (which includes 2 spoiled dogs)...

My family spends many weekends and vacations hiking throughout the US and though I came to love hiking later in life, I simply can't imagine a better way to spend time with my husband and son than on a long trail wandering through a forest or scaling a tall peak. The picture above was our second visit to Bryce Canyon, a favorite spot.

My office mates and sweet rescues, Ben and Scooby, always remind me that we simply don’t deserve dogs. They keep me honest and make me smile everyday.

Writing? I studied journalism in high school and college so writing became something that I simply could not get enough of. That skill has served me well at nearly every stop along my professional journey.

Not long after earning my degree in psychology, I did what many recent graduates do. I went into sales. Selling has everything to do with understanding human behavior and motivations and though it came easy to me in a few different industries, the automotive industry seemed to be to where I felt most comfortable.

I worked in dealerships for several years in sales, F&I, and service. I'm not sure why I liked it so much but I did.

Going Rogue...And Loving It

A transition out of the car business led me to a 20+ year career selling automotive information to car dealers. This experience in B2B sales also led me to create my own sales copy and marketing materials. I knew that was risky since we already had a marketing staff but I knew that what I was writing got the phone ringing.

After about six months, the joke around the sales department was 'What is Kristine sending out?'.

I knew I was on to something. I loved selling and I really loved writing. The perfect copywriting storm.

B2B Salesperson Turned B2B Writer...

In all of the years I have spent as a top salesperson, I have seen the power of sharp, persuasive copy. I have also seen the copy that falls flat. I knew the time was right to launch my own copywriting business.

So, when you are looking for a copywriter to create a message that generates leads and increases sales, you need someone that has been in the trenches and knows the type of copy that gets the phone ringing. 

You need a writer who is invested in your company's success. You want someone easy to work with, a dependable partner to help deliver your message with the same passion that you have for your own product or service.

You need a no-nonsense professional who who will tell you what works and what doesn't when it comes to crafting the conversational copy and content that helps your business grow. 

That's me. Nice to meet you.

Professional Skills Training:

  • Direct Copywriting/B2B Copy & Content Training - AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc.)

  • Programs/Training with top copywriters - Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia, Bob Bly, and Jay White

  • Member - Professional Writers Alliance